Introducing DeversiFi’s first-ever Esports tournaments - DeFi Legends, featuring some of the most exciting projects in the crypto space!

DeFi Legends will involve 10 teams battling each other to claim victory and ultimate bragging rights of who has the best League of Legends (LoL) team in the space.

So far the projects that have been locked into this fierce battle are:

  • DeversiFi
  • Sushi
  • Ampleforth
  • Polygon

Leaving the possibility for 6 more projects to get involved! If you want your project to take part in this exciting tournament, carry on reading to find out how!

The tournament will last 13 weeks in total as the team's clash in a head-to-head tournament. These courageous warriors will be battling through group stages, quarter-finals, and semifinals before making it to the finals, where they have to win their last ever battle in order to be crowned victorious.

At the heart of DeversiFi, we have always established that the community will come first. We understand that Esports play a huge role in many of our community members' lives, and want to do all we can to support their passion. This event will be the perfect way to bring a common passion among many crypto enthusiasts in several different communities to unite together as one.

Without our community support, DeversiFi would not be here, so whether you are eager to take part in the tournament, or are excited to watch and support your team from the sidelines, we are sure that this will be THE event of the year.

DeFi Legends Gaming Tournament

Group stages

  • The tournament will begin with group stages with the 10 teams divided into two groups - A + B.
  • Teams in each group will be chosen at random to play against teams in the other group
  • Every team will play every other team in their group twice with winners awarded 2 points, losers 1 point. Failure to attend the game results in 0 points awarded.
  • In the end, the top 4 teams in each group will be chosen to play in the Quarter Finals.


  • The quarter-finals will be a best of 3 series with winning teams advancing to the semi-finals.

Semifinals and finals

  • Teams in the Semifinals will play a best of 3 series with winners progressing to the finals, and loser moving to the loser bracket
  • Again they will play a best of 3 series with the top 3 teams being declared

The prize pools

At the start of the tournament, all participating teams will contribute $5000 in their projects tokens towards a total prize pool of $50,000. The prize pool will be held in the DeversiFi Labs MultiSig wallet.

The team that comes in first place will be awarded 30% of the prize pool, second place will be awarded 15% of the prize pool, and third place will be awarded 5% of the prize pool.

The remaining 50% will be distributed in raffles to community members that get involved from the sidelines by watching and voting on the teams that they believe will win as explained below.

Taking part in the tournament

Whether you are an Esports fanatic and love playing LoL, or just want to support your team from the sidelines, we have made it exciting for all communities to get involved!

There are 3 key ways you can be involved:

Join a team - Play LOL, represent your project, and take part in the tournament. But how can you sign up to join a team?

  • First, join the DeversiFi discord.
  • You will then have access to the “DeFi Legends” Discord channel where you will be able to speak to the team captains of all the projects involved and voice your interest in participating for their team.
  • Team captains will be hosting internal trials in order to pick team members and will message you if you are successful.
  • Teams will be made up of 5 players and up to 5 substitutes.

Watch the tournament

The games will be hosted on DeversiFis Twitch channel which you can watch here. The main conversation of the tournament will be taking place within our discord channels, so this is THE place you will want to be.

Vote and win prizes

A portion of the prize pool will be allocated to community members that are actively watching from the sidelines. So what do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning?

  • At the start of every game, all viewers will be given the chance to vote on who they think will be victorious right in the DeversiFi Discord. The viewers that guess correctly will be automatically entered into a raffle to win a portion of the prize pool that will be distributed at the end of every week right within the DeversiFi app.
  • We understand that many people may try to game the system with hundreds of bots to vote and so we will incorporate to ensure only real community members are eligible for the raffles.
  • In order to vote for your team, you will need to hold $50 in your team's equivalent tokens in your wallet and connect this to your Discord account.
  • You can do this by typing “ !join ” in the “connect wallet” channel within the discord. Follow the instructions on the screen, and you will automatically be assigned roles dependent on what coins you are holding in your wallet.
  • For example, user A is holding 100 DVF & SUSHI tokens within their metamask wallet. After typing " !join " in the connect wallet channel and following the instructions, they will be given the roles:
  1. DVF HODLer
  • Winners from each game will be picked at random by the DeversiFi team. If picked as a winner, you will be notified via discord and will be able to claim your tokens from within the DeversiFi app, completely gas-free!

Don’t worry, if you are unsure how to connect your wallet to DeversiFi’s Discord, we will shortly be publishing a walkthrough video here

Want your project to take part?

We are now opening up the remaining slots for the tournament to other projects! If you are eager for your community to participate in the games, get in touch with Euclid within the Discord channel. Please note that only projects with ERC-20 compatible tokens can participate in this first tournament.


Claiming winnings from raffles.

You are able to claim all winnings through DeversFi gas-free on Layer 2 Ethereum.

  • You will need to have an activated account on DeversiFi in order to claim your winnings
  • Whilst there are no fees to claim your winnings, you will have to pay gas fees in order to withdraw your winnings from layer-2, to layer-1 Ethereum.
  • If selected as a winner, you will be notified via email and discord
  • Winnings will be available to claim at the end of every week
  • You will have up to 2 weeks after the final game of the tournament to claim your winnings. If you have not claimed your winnings by then they will be given to the winning team of the tournament.


  • Whilst voting is free, you will need to own at least $50 of the partaking team's token to take part. Eg if Sushiswap and DeversiFi are playing, you will need to own $50 of equivalent tokens in either Sushi or DVF in your Layer 1 wallet in order to vote
  • Voting will not use or burn any up of your tokens, nor will it use any of your tokens as collateral.
  • If you meet the requirements to vote, a special discord channel will open up 12 hours before the games begin that you will automatically have access to.
  • To further prevent people from gaming the system, a typeform link will be shared among eligible voters, which they will need to fill out to vote. Required information includes:
  • The team they wish to vote for
  • Email address to be contacted if they win
  • Discord Handle
  • Eth address to claim winnings with
  • All participants will only be allowed to vote once per game. Multiple entries will automatically disqualify the user.

Prize pool distribution

  • Project team members will not be eligible to win any of the prize pools. The prize pool will only be available for partaking community members and spectators
  • At the time of creation, all partaking projects will be contributing the equivalent amount of $5000 of their token. All prizes and rewards will be distributed as a fixed % of the total number of tokens contributed and not the dollar equivalent.
  • For example, Team X donates 10,000 of their token. Prizes that will be distributed for raffle winners will be a fixed amount of tokens (e.g. 100 tokens per person) irrespective of the $ value equivalent of the token.

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