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Since announcing our evolution to DeversiFi - the first and only high-speed decentralised exchange where traders can execute orders of any size directly from the security of their private wallet - we have been preparing the closing down of Ethfinex.com, now set to occur on 12 October, as we go on to focus solely on the DeFi ecosystem. Read on for important details.

Before now, traders of decentralised exchanges have been forced to sacrifice speed and choice in the name of security and control. Our mission has been to change that, creating an exchange that is fast, liquid, feature-rich and easy to use - all whilst preserving the ownership and security that sits at the heart of decentralised exchange. Ethfinex provided the essential incubation period, where over the past 2 years we have developed various decentralised governance and community initiatives including the Ethfinex Token Vote, Token Rebates as well as other NEC incentives.

With the evolution of Ethfinex Trustless to DeversiFi and the fast-approaching Margin, Lending and new Fee features - giving DeversiFi a competitive edge against other exchanges - now is the time to close down ethfinex.com.

Important Information

On the 12th of October 2019, Ethfinex.com will go offline for the final time. As such, it is paramount that traders with funds on the exchange familiarise themselves with the below information.

In the name of convenience and choice, we have endeavoured to make the process smooth and above all flexible, providing users with two options:

We recently announced the integration of the innovative Squarelink wallet to DeversiFi. As well as providing another valuable trading wallet, we have worked closely with Squarelink to create a unique micro-site which functions to allow traders of Ethfinex.com to easily (and securely) migrate their token balances to a Squarelink wallet and seamlessly continue trading on DeversiFi.

  1. Head to https://get-started.deversifi.com/ for easy instructions on setting up a Squarelink wallet
  2. Once set-up, log in to your Ethfinex account and begin the withdrawal process for your token balances sending them to your new wallet address
  3. Finally, simply connected your wallet to DeversiFi and begin trading!

Do Nothing & Keep Funds on Ethfinex.com

We recognise that some users may not wish to migrate their balances just yet. As such, those who keep their funds on Ethfinex.com up until the 12th of October (at which point Ethfinex.com will no longer be accessible) will be able to see and access their funds by logging into Bitfinex.com with the same credentials.

We look forward to welcoming you to DeversiFi and ensuring your experience is smooth and satisfactory. For any questions regarding the closing down of Ethfinex.com or the migration of balances, please reach out to us on Telegram.